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Check your live campaign results at any time and make decisions based on accurate facts, not fiction

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Correct mistakes quickly by sharing your live telephone recordings with all the key people involved

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Understanding what is working with your marketing and what isn’t has never been this easy. Support your business decisions with confidence.



See the responses to your canvassing, adverts, magazines, web, boards, as they happen on your personal dashboard and take control of your budget with true numbers.



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  • Clever Canvassing has helped me understand the return i get from my marketing efforts.

    Having canvassed for years and not really known the exact return, I am now able to direct my precious resources to the right areas, it has helped me list more properties by targeting what works.

    Not only has it improved my ROI I have also been able to train my teams to better understand our customers and having thought that we dealt with calls well, I was surprised that this was not always the is now ! Furthermore, being able to see the incoming phone numbers, we have returned calls missed and generated more listings.

    Highly recommended..
    Bryan Mansell
    MD London Your Move
  • The use of Clever Canvassing has enabled businesses I have been involved in to track calls, train people and understand better the return on investment of every penny they spend, I’m recommending it to all my current clients.

    Without this tool these businesses would be doing the same thing and getting the same result, Clever Canvassing enables canvassing decisions to be made based on fact not fiction. A great idea I think.
    Iain White
    (formerly MD For Countrywide PLC) Ex MD of Romans, Current - Business Consultant